5 Actresses Who Allegedly Got High Profile Breast Implants

When picking the right high profile breast implants to suit your personal needs, there are many things you have to consider like body shape and size. Even if breast augmentation has become a well-known and acceptable aesthetic procedure for years, it was just recently that patients including celebrities had the guts to discuss it with surgeons and even in public.

Before, when you pick a particular size according to your needs or desire, you would get an idea using actual representations or props about the amount of how much projection will you be getting from that size. But now, you can actually do some more modifications. You can have that size stick out more or less than what the normal base diameter can dictate.

Do High Profile Breast Implants Look Fake?

Some people are assuming that high profile breast implants look fake. This shouldn’t be the case. This brand new process allows different kinds of body shapes and sizes to have a more natural look even after they underwent surgery and enhancements.

Breast implant profiles would differ in forward projection. They can be classified as high, moderate, or low.

Focusing More on High Profile

Patients with a much wider set frame or bigger body shape may discover that high profile implants can actually yield the desired size, but may not be good enough in covering the original diameter of their breast size. In these cases, moderate to low profiles would give better projection for her frame and a big base to cover the entire diameter.

In general, moderate breast implants are considered to be the norm. With increasing amount of projection per measurement of the base as compared to low and moderate types, high profile implants may lessen rippling because of the added height of the side walls. Low profile, on the other side, gives less projection.

It is very important for you to remember, however, that even if higher profile implants can lessen rippling, this would not connote that low profile tends to produce more rippling. And again, when considering different choices, it is still best to discuss your needs and wants with an expert.

You Could be in Good Company

Here are some actresses who allegedly had the procedure done. Can you tell who got high profile ones?

• Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is among the most famous actresses in the ever popular TV series, Sex and the City. Who would have thought that she actually underwent breast augmentation? It’s not obvious right? She just looks so perfectly sexy and natural.

According to those who have noticed the changes in her breast size, she probably had a 1 to 2 cup increase.

• Nicole Kidman

This fine lady really has a perfect boob shape and it was actually a product of science and technology. Before surgery, her breasts were actually flat and small.

Now, she looks more beautiful with that few cups increase in breast size. Everybody seems to be envious every time she would appear on shows and movies.

• Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole has evolved into the spotlight after posing and winning the cover contest of one of the most popular magazines ever, Playboy. She was only 24 then. It wasn’t just her spunky attitude, blonde locks, and good smile that made everybody like her, but also her physical appearance, much more her sexy over the top breast implants.

She chose to get augmentation, two implants on every breast. It was the beginning of her modeling career. It paved the way to a better life as well. She got married to a millionaire senior man and eventually, she got her own TV show. Imagine how beautification can greatly affect someone’s life.

• Carmen Electra

Another popular Playboy cover and Baywatch actress, Electra got double D implants nearly a decade ago. She was actually proud of it. Much of her fame can be attributed to her new look and flattering body figure.

• Pamela Anderson

Another popular and former Baywatch beauty and playmate has been in the spotlight most years of her life. She started as a Labatt’s Blue Zone Girl during the 80s. After posing for Playboy two times, she has decided to get implants, and her popularity has just boosted out like a rocket.

And because of her new look and confidence, she appeared several more times in different magazines and was offered acting projects in different top rating shows. Thanks to the magic breast implants give, celebrities like Anderson became even more in demand and inspiring as well.

In today’s flashy and beauty obsessed world, beautification like plastic surgeries has become a usual thing among women, especially actresses. Though not everyone would agree with this concept, getting treatments and enhancements done to improve yourself would always cause you good. What is important is that you have it done by an expert and just know your limits.

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