5 Ingredients that Your Antibacterial Face Wash Should Have

The face is definitely among the most important and noticeable parts of every human’s body. This part is the first thing that is usually noticed. And so treatment of any kind of skin infection is a must through the use of effective antibacterial face wash.

Choosing a Good Antibacterial Face Wash for Acne

There are several zit zapping products available in the market, more than enough to confuse you and make your brain boggle! But the problem with the majority of these commercially available cleansers is that they are meant to cure a very specific problem or market, either oily skin with acne or teenagers by default. Some would say that ingredients contained in these products can somewhat become irritating, especially to those who have sensitive skin.

What about scars? How often do you see commercials and advertisements on TV talking about acne scars and how to cure them?

This is where natural ingredients come to the rescue. They are as potent as synthetically made ingredients and are normally being mixed in the products to give a good balance. Aside from killing off bacteria, they act as moisturizers and nourish the skin for faster and easy healing and repair.

Check the Label for these Natural Ingredients

Common natural ingredients found in commercially produced products can actually be seen or prepared at home. A mixture of both natural ingredients and some pharmaceutically prepared chemicals would definitely make a perfect pair.

• Virgin Coconut Oil

Most antibacterial face wash would use virgin coconut oil. This is excellent for the skin. Naturally, it is likewise rich in vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants to alleviate redness and repair scars.

• Honey

Another important ingredient is honey. This is filled with antimicrobial properties. Honey’s extensive healing and repair process while keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized are just superb.

• Lavender and Tea Tree Oil

Oils like lavender and tea tree also make up majority of these face washes. Tea tree is a powerful antiseptic and antimicrobial ingredient. It can really rule out any infection. Lavender on the other hand has some calming effect and is likewise effective against bacteria.

Like any other natural skin care recipes, the above mentioned ingredients can help moisturize the skin to balance the drying effect of the acids and other medications incorporated in the wash. Just by choosing any product that contain these ingredients, and using them regularly, you can resolve your skin issues immediately.

Other common household ingredients you may find in some antibacterial face washes include lemon extract, apple cider vinegar, ginger extract, ground oatmeal as scrub, and more.

How about Non-Natural Ones?

Aside from the above mentioned natural ingredients, the more active ones are those that are pharmaceutically produced.

• Salicylic Acid

Most brands would also contain salicylic acid. Percentage may range depending on the brand. The use of this drug is being monitored by the FDA. This acts as a keratolytic agent and must not be used in certain circumstances. But, it is very effective in clearing out pimples.

• Triclosan and Triclocarbon

A lot of antibacterial washes contain Triclosan and Triclocarbon, which are both controversial chemicals. It is said that they can affect both the normal development and functioning of the reproductive organs and brain. Some researches have also stated that they can encourage growth of drug resistant bacteria.

So what’s the real thing?

If you would try to dig deeper and research even more, you would find out that chemicals can only cause deleterious side effects only when you have consumed excessive amounts. Try to take note that facial washes, ointments, and gels, that are meant to be applied on the face, only contain a few percentage of these chemicals.

Also, frequent and regular use can cause accumulation of these ingredients. While this is true, it can be prevented easily. If you cannot do away with products that contains these two ingredients, then you would just be advised to use it every other day or every other 3 days. You may just alternate it with a brand that contains other ingredients; those that are more natural.

Antibacterial products give a way to fight off bacteria that are causing pimples and other skin problems. But, when using these items, you must also be aware of the possibility that through time it can lead to resistance. Also you must know all the arguments concerning safety of use. If you know the advantages and disadvantages of these products, the more efficient you will be in deciding and more prepared and cautious in using to avoid such unwanted side effects.

You may have not guessed that some of your home ingredients are actually incorporated in different well-known brands. Because the skin is considered to be the biggest organ, and can absorb nearly everything you put onto it and those that are present in the surroundings, it very important for you to be careful in choosing and treating it gently.

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