5 Singers Who May have Gotten High Profile Breast Implants

High profile implants are excellent for Beverly Hills women. They are perfect for Hollywood especially if you would not want to be type casted out of roles later on. No doubt many actresses would choose this kind. This applies to singers as well.

Breast enhancement is important in this business, but, being excessively large can be a problem as well. If you end up looking awkward then you might end up losing some TV shows. High profile breast implants are tapered, not wide, gives a very good projection and within a much smaller bag, you can get a perfectly beautiful look.

They can give you more projection and fullness even for a smaller diameter implant. The sides are less matronly and would never protrude way beyond the axillary line.

Implants must be placed properly to show off a good cleavage, particularly around the parasternal angle. You could expect less rippling because the larger the implants become and get by physics, less rippling would be noticeable on the sides and chest area. These spots are very important as they have less or not being covered by muscles at all.

One Look at High Profile Breast Implants Photos and You’ll Agree that They’re Good

High profile implants can give you more upper pole fullness; just like what everybody wants. Search for high profile breast implants photos and you’ll agree. Perfectly tapered and narrowed as it is, this type gives women a thinner and more gorgeous look like some of the best and most beautiful singers listed below:

• Britney Spears

There are several rumors that Britney has had several surgeries done throughout her career. One of the biggest enhancements she got was during her teenage years. She opted to get her breasts done. She went from her natural flat chest to having bigger breasts. The singer actually denied these rumors.

It was said that she had implants with permission from her mother and had them removed later on. According to some reliable sources, she regretted getting her boobs done, especially because it can still grow naturally.

To be very exact, she got her implants lessened when she got pregnant, but that did not last as she was just spotted with big boobs again.

• Janet Jackson

Another famous singer, Janet Jackson, who also belongs to a royal family in the music industry, also underwent breast augmentation. This was emphasized after she a got a wardrobe malfunction. Though this type of treatment is not even needed in her music career, it cannot be denied that it has helped her catch more attention in a magical way!

• Lil’ Kim

The famous singer, rapper, and composer Lil’ Kim made a good name and reputation for herself after she joined MAFIA in 1995. After deciding to go solo and releasing several top selling albums, she chose to get her nose and breasts done. A lot of critics think that she actually had it too big, especially since she is only petite.

Breast implants have boosted her confidence and have successfully drawn too much attention. Now, she loves to wear revealing outfits to be able to flaunt her sexy body.

• Victoria Beckham

Former member of Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham also became one of the most successful and popular artists of her generation. She had her breasts done in 1999, when she chose to increase her cup size from A to D.

Based on tabloid reports, she underwent another operation to boost them into double D after two years. Even if her singing career has launched her into the main stage and spotlight, it was after marrying David Beckham and her new look that really made her even more interesting.

• Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland just had her breasts done. A former member of Destiny’s Child proudly admitted that she had been thinking about it for almost a decade and finally she got the guts to do so. She has no regrets at all.

What Others Think of Breast Surgery

The media and the public have been filled with mixed comments with regards to breast surgery, especially in the last decade. Many high profile singers have, or are just rumored to have gotten implants to increase the size of their breasts.

It is them who have started to publicly raise the desire for beauty and perfection. This has actually led women to want to get bigger boobs.

Procedures have grown exponentially and are continuously getting more attention across countries. The choice as to whether you will have it done should depend on different factors. Do you need it? Will it help you improve yourself? You should also be familiar about the possible side effects.

Surgeries may be too risky to justify, especially if your purpose is just purely aesthetic. But again, you have to know that when this is done correctly by an expert, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Just know what to expect and keep your limitations.

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